Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Month of Faves: A Year in Books Timeline
Which month did you … read the most, the least, read the book you liked LEAST for the year, read your longest book, tried a new genre, fell hard for a book boyfriend, re-read a favorite, finished an epic series, read something you’ve been wanting to read for a long time etc.

January: The month of my birthday!!! I read 7 books on January (one of them on my top 3 ;))  This is also the month I read my least favorite books of the year: 2 romances that were given to me on Christmas on a gift exchange. I read them on a dare, but safe to say that so far I haven't found romances I like. 

February: the month I finally got around to reading a Neil Gaiman

March: Only read 4 books this month, but I read Angelmaker and loved it!

April: Read-A-Thon!!! I read The Last Unicorn that month and got to meet Peter S. Beagle

May: The month I read the most: 12 books that month!!! Great books that month with Dreams of Gods and Monsters (excellent series) and The Martian

June: The month I joined NetGalley! My first book from them It Girl, wasn't that great, but during this month I read my other fiction favorite of the year, in Spanish.  

July: The month I first read Dawn and fell in love with Xenogenesis

August: It was slow month for my reading. Best book of the month was The Name of the Wind but I never got to write the review :/

September: The month I participated on my first official Read-A-Long with The Haunting of Hill House.

October: Read-a-Thon part 2. I also read 12 books this month and it is the month I first read Meg Medina. It is also the month I was introduced to another YA series I quite enjoyed with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.

November: Non-fiction November, Oh gosh, it feels so long ago and it ended less than a month ago!. Ok, so I read my non-fiction favorite during this month.  It was also during November that I read the longest book I've read this year with Three Daughters

December: I've finished 2 books so far this month and I should finish another 2 at least. But this month has been proven to be busier than usual with my experiments finally working. So that's good, but it takes time from the reading. 

What about your year??

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