Monday, May 26, 2014

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

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Why I read this book

It's been a while since I liked a series this much, including the companion novella. While I was a bit sad to finish the trilogy I was also very eager to know what was going to happened with everyone.

What the book is about

This is a review for the third and last book in the series, so there might be some spoilers from the previous books. The book walks through the arrival of Jael to Earth portraying himself as a saviour angel. Meanwhile on Eretz the Chimera army is learning to work with the "misbegotten". Akiva and Karou are putting their own wishes on hold to save both worlds, but it would seem that there is an even bigger threat than Jael's expedition.

First impressions

The book opens with new and intriguing characters that made me want to read (listen) faster. Taylor's writing is, as always, involving and fast paced and Khristine Hvam is an amazing narrator giving everyone a voice perfectly toned for the story.

Final thoughts

Oh my, oh my, this was a hard read (chapter 29 was particularly hard to go through, you will see). So many things happening at the same time, which is normal during a war, and so I kept finding moments to sneak in a couple of minutes more of listening.

I've already said how much I liked the world building Taylor presented in this series; in this particular installment the mythology that brings all worlds together, including the Far Isles is beautiful and terrible at the same time. Terrible in a scary way I would like to clarify. Beautiful because the whole tissue weaved out of this mythology brings every character into a whole different perspective and left me wanting more at the end.

This is not a love series; sure there is love and the relationship between Zuz and Mik is just adorable, but the main thing carrying the story is the confrontation between Seraphs and Chimera. In this one, Taylor also adds the effect of human beliefs and fears to the "supernatural" and unknown.

The only problem I had with this book is that I wanted more of this story to read. I am very satisfied with how most of the stories were rounded up, but the thing is dearest reader, that there were A LOT of doors opened in this one.

I would recommend this series all over town!

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