Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Month of Faves: Fave New-to-Me Author Discoveries

Hello, hello everybody. How is your holiday season going? Mine has been busy, and it will remain that way so better not think too much about it. Today's post for #AMonthofFaves is Favorite Authors that you discovered recently. This year I discovered a lot of authors, but none of the following wrote my 3 favorite books of the year. The thing is, even though I really loved those 3 books, they were the first time I ever encounter their writing, and I am not sure yet I would read anything by them. Probably, but time will tell. Here I present to you 3 authors and my reasons why I think I would read anything by them:

Octavia E. Butler: Thanks to the Sword and Laser Book club I came to read Dawn, the first book in the Xenogenesis trilogy. I immdiately loved the style and I then read Adulthood Rites and it was amazing. I only have to read Imago from this series, but I already now I am going to love it. Her world construction, the way she touches humanity so on point...it is amazing, I have no better word. 

Meg Medina: I read Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick your Ass in part because the people from Book Riot kept mentioning it and I was not disappointed at all. But it is more than her writing beautiful realistic Latino characters guys; afterwards I listened to her interview from Our Reading Lives (another BR podcast) and I was smitten. She was so nice and interesting, and I just felt identified, you cannot compete with that! I follow her on Twitter and she is just great.

Emily St. John Mandel: One of my last books of the year was Station Eleven (I haven't written my review, but I am on it, I promise) and it blew my mind. It was so different and the narrative was beautiful; I have no idea how she made such an intricate web, but oh boy she had me from the first moments. I already had Last Night in Montreal on my wishlist, but it has recently moved to my must haves 

There you have it, 3 fantastic ladies that blew my mind in 2014. What about your new faves??

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