Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mini Reviews: Wife of the House by Gudrun Mouw and Mi Abuelo Explicaba muy bien a los Pájaros by Ivan Castro Rodelo

Wife of the House

: Paperback

Pages: 100

Series: NA

Source: LibraryThing EarlyReviewers

: Poetry

Publisher: Raincloud Press

Publication date: April 15, 2014

I asked and received this book through the LybraryThing Early Reviewers program for free. This review is not sponsored nor influenced in anyway. Thanks to Chronicles Books for the book.

First impression

It's been a long time since I read poetry. To be honest with you, both poetry and theater are genres that are hard for me to read; I just don't get immersed enough and most of the time I feel like I am forcing myself to continue reading. Unfortunately for me, this was one of these times. Don't get me wrong, the author manages to put a lot of feeling in each of her poems...I just never connected with them.

Final thoughts

I think that Mouw manages to show and share what she feels as a Housewife, her story of a troubled marriage, how she got there and how she got out. Her imagery can be very vivid and sad and this I have to give it to her, I could feel all that. However I was never fully engaged with the poems, and while it is a short read it felt very long, precisely because I had to force me to continue. This is no fault of the author or the writing, as you will probably notice from other reviews. The book just wasn't for me. 

Mi Abuelo Explicaba muy bien a los Pájaros

: Hardcover

Pages: 126

: NA

Source: Own (BookOutlet)

Genres: General fiction, Esoteric

: Grupo Nelson

Publication date: December 1st, 2009.

First Impression

When you look for books in Spanish in BookOutlet, most of what you will get are either bibles or books classified on the self help and religion genres. I am not a fan of either genre, but it is from a Colombian author and I was thinking of my Granpda when I bought it so here we are. This book is somehow categorized as self help and it does have some parts where the main character mentions him finding God, but the story turned out to be more than that, so I did actually enjoyed it. Told in the voice of the grandson, remembering his vacation time spent with his grandfather and the stories he told him, it was quite a beautiful story of love and family.

Final thoughts 
More than anything this is a story about love, represented in the grandparents relationship. The side stories of the grandfather joining the circus, and making his way to success reminded me of my grandpa and his stories of odd jobs he took along the way. The book touched a lot of personal fibers for me, and I do believe I read it in the right moment for me to enjoy it. However, as much as it made me smile while I was reading it, I find it hard to identify who else would I recommended for. It was nice and the writing made me remember zones of my country I haven't visited in years but I don't know if this would be enough for me to revisit the book in the future or to pass it along. 

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