Sunday, April 14, 2013

TSS: The Perfect Reader?

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a nice  week-end. It snowed on Friday but everything is practically gone by now, the sky is blue and the house is clean :) Did You notice that the weather changed in my banner too? Is officially spring in this blog you guys!

First what I have been reading. I finish Cinder, Shopaholic and Sister and Beautiful Darkness during my vacation (not bad, hu?). As you can see the first two already have their review available. I'm advancing (slowly but surely) with The Historian, and on Thursday I received my copy of Ready Player One from the library. I started it and so far I'm enjoying it a lot. I have to make time to study for my PhD exam (a huge thing in the middle of your PhD, just in case you needed more stress) and hopefully I will be able to make all of this fit into place.

Do you guys follow Book Riot? Friday there was this article about "the perfect reader". It was a satire of course, but it got me thinking if there is such thing as a perfect way to be a reader. The obvious answer to me is that no, there isn't. When you think about it, there is possibly as much type of readers as there is books, and since in my opinion there is no such thing as the perfect book, it means there cannot be a perfect reader either.

However, I do think there is such thing as the perfect reader for a book and vice versa. By this I do not mean books that fit perfectly a target audience, since this is too broad. But I am sure once in a while you find that book that is perfect for you, that hits all the right buttons, you can't find any flaw in it...and when this happens I believe you just found the perfect book for you and you might be just the perfect reader for it too.

There is also a even better possibility, someone finds a book, and is amazing, but there is something missing there. This person cannot pinpoint what it is...and then this person shares the book with you and you find what was missing! That too would make you the perfect reader for this book because in a way you could make this book "grow". It is not actually possible, since the book was already written, but still. 

I think I've found several books that are perfect for me, but I don't dare to say that I've been the perfect reader for one of them

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