Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella

What's the book about?

As you probably know by now, this is a series about a girl with a tiny problem with shopping...and by tiny I mean, this girl should've had her credit cancelled a LONG time ago. Well, Miss Rebecca Bloomwood has gotten married (that was the whole last book) and know is travelling the world for her honeymoon. As any trip, this comes to an end. But going back home proves to be bittersweet for Becky: her best friend has a new friend taking over her place, her husband is no longer the carefree Luke he was while on vacation (shocker) and biggest of all...she now has a sister.

What was the thing I liked the most? 

What I like about this series is how easily readable it is. Is always a fast read, a relaxed one and that's why I had it with me during vacation.

What about the main character?

Becky...she is a very sweet person. She has the best intentions at just that she doesn't seem to think ahead, which is why very often I want to shake her and tell her what were you thinking?. There is something that is starting to bother me, and is the fact that this is the 4th book in the series and she seems to not have learnt anything about managing her money. I realize that the name of the series is "Shopaholic" BUT you would think she would learn at least a bit, no?. 

The 10% moment

Entertaining as always, Becky is now in Milan, their last stop before going home. We've already read about some questionable choices she has made, buying wise, off course. There is this moment where Luke actually took her wallet away which I found endearing of her to actually think he wouldn't take it.

Final thoughts

In this book the novelty is Jessica, the sister. She is the complete opposite of Becky in the way she handles her money. I liked the fact that she was very conscious of her money, but I would've liked it better if things weren't so black and white between them. A sister that saves yet is aware that having a splurge once in a while is actually good for you? I like my characters with some gradients of personality, not extremes. Also I would've liked it if the story with Suze's new friend would've had a bit more of development. 

This is book makes part of my Sequel Challenge :)

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