Monday, April 22, 2013

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

What's the book about?

This is the sequel to Beautiful Creatures. Just a bit of a warning there might be a bit of spoilers from the first book here. After confronting her destiny and sort of evading it, Lena is not feeling quite herself. Although Ethan tries his hardest to keep things the same for both of them this proves very hard when Lena herself seems to be committed to pull away. The appearance of a new Caster doesn't help. In the end it will be up to Ethan to keep fighting for the both of them.

What was the thing I liked the most? 

See, I was kind of disappointed at several points of the book because I was afraid it was falling into the love triangle again, and I sort of had enough of that already. However, I liked the side story that we got from Ethan's mother. Also, I really like Ridley, she is a bad/good character and I like that I can't predict her...yet

What about the main character?

Last review I talked about Ethan, so let's talk about Lena this time. I liked her in the first book better. She is smart and vulnerable. I didn't like her martyr tone, but when you learn the weight she has on her shoulders, with the responsibility of killing half of her family depending on her "calling", it is understandable that she is not the bubbliest of the teenagers. However, in this book we don't see her as much and the moments we do she has turned into this even sadder, darker, sort of Emo, I didn't like her in this book.

Final thoughts

I was very happy to see that the authors didn't go with the token "love triangle". I liked Olivia as a new character, more than I expected at the end. It wasn't better than the first book but I still want to read the third book and this is only due to the tiny doors that were left open at the end of the second book. 


This is book makes part of my Sequel Challenge :)

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