Monday, October 20, 2014

Die I will Not by S.K. Rizzolo (John Chase Mistery #3)

I asked and received this book through NetGalley for free. This review is not sponsored nor influenced in anyway. Thanks to Poisoned Pen Press for the book. The books is expected to be published on November 4th, 2014

First impression

This happens to me more often that I would like to admit...I start a book and I realized that is part of a series. But I decided to continue with it, because it was a crime book, setting in Georgian London! As it turns out the main story, the murder of a prominent editor could stand alone, but it wasn't as excited as I was hoping for. On the other hand the story of Penelope Wolfe seemed interesting, but unfortunately a lot of back-story was just hinted and so I was at lost there.

Final thoughts

First the things I enjoyed: the setting and description of it was very nice. The author definitely does a wonderful job putting your mind in the Georgian era, not only with fashion descriptions but the streets, situation and even in the dialogues.

I could feel that Penelope is quite a strong character and there are hints to her past, but off course you are supposed to know the nuances of it because you have read the previous books.

If I concentrate in the mystery itself, while I cannot say that it was predictable I wasn't grabbed by the story in a way that I would've try to guess beforehand who had committed the murder.

I would probably suggest this to other that really like Georgian set pieces, with the caveat that they should read the previous two books before. Maybe if I had better knowledge of the recurrent characters I would've drifted less often from the book and enjoyed the mystery part a bit more.

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