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24 Read-a-Thon Reading Challenge: On Food and Books (Hour 9)

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Hello everyone and welcome to this mini-challenge. How is it going? Feeling tired yet? How about hungry? 

It has happened to all of us. We are reading our book and then they talk about food; food that is described so perfectly that you start to salivate. It might be an actual dish like every chapter of Like for Chocolate, it might be fantastic and sadly not real like the carnival food of The Night Circus. The later are my favorite since it inspires me to try something different. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. So here is the challenge my fellow Read-a-Thoners: Make a post where you will share your best "book-inspired" recipe and explain its origin, inspiration, etc. Be as original as you want; as whimsical as you feel. If you do not have a blog, don't worry, just leave your entry on the comments down here :)

Leave your name and the link to your post in the Rafflecopter down here. The winner will get a book from the Book Depository of 15 CAD (or the equivalent). This challenge will be open for the next 3 hours, hence finishing at the beginning of hour 12

Hope you have fun! 

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  1. Just your regular chocolate cake but put some chocolate chips in the dough before baking then put frosting in between the cake , chocolate of course, and then frost it on the top with more chocolate frosting and top it over with some m&m's on the top!
    Inspired by Dauntless cake from my favorite series, Divergent!

  2. Harry Potter cupcakes are extremely popular - make your favorite kind, as long as the frosting is light in color so that you can use food coloring. I like to make Devil's Food chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Then split the frosting into four bowls and use food coloring to dye them to match the house colors for the four Hogwarts houses. Then I print up the house shields onto little slips of paper - one to correspond to each of the house cupcakes. Before people at the party eat a cupcake, they draw out a slip of paper to get sorted into a house and reveal which cupcake they'll eat.

  3. I gifted a friend a Harry Potter cookbook once and it's so awesome: when I visit her we make something from the book. We already ate pumpkin soup and delicious pomegranate pie! Loooove it. You can find it online if you just search for the "Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook". They also sell Game of Thrones version (we own that one too!) and Narnia versions. :)

  4. I kind of cheated, I have a Harry Potter cookbook, but there is a ton of recipes I really want to try in here. The one I picked for this was the "Triple Power Ice Lemon Pops" Mostly because I love Lemon lol.
    So it calls for; Zest of Lemon, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Water, and Lemon extract.
    All you do is heat it up, melt it together, then pop it in the freezer. Then voila. Icy Lemon Pops.

  5. Harry Potter has inspired many recipes. House Cupcakes sound delicious. Here is a link to my Butterbeer Cuppa. It wasn't that bad. The link to the recipe has since broken. I wish I had copied it down in a recipe book. I hope to try it one day at one of the theme parks... #dream

  6. I am reading Splintered and in this book she keeps hearing bugs and insects talking so I would run with that for food making a bunch of snacks for the kids.
    The old 'ants on a log'- Celery with peanut butter running through the crevice, with raisins/crasins spaced along it. Spider cookies- take york peppermint patties or reeses cups for the body, chocolate covered pretzel sticks for legs and the head can be a chocolate morsel without the tip. Bake for a few minutes so it all sticks together a bit but not so long the chocolate fully melts. Then allow to cool.
    Use regular pretzels to make butterflies. Place the bottoms close together for the body. Use frosting (various colors) for the body to stick together and for wing patterns.
    For drinks serve lemon slushie with a dash of fruit syrup (green apple, or strawberry, etc) to add a second color mix. Serve in brightly colored glasses that contrast drink colors for added fun. Just to give it a"Wonderland" feel.


  7. I can only echo what everyone else said, the Harry Potter inspired cakes always fascinated me. :) Butterbeer cupcakes are on the top of my 'to try' list, if there's such a thing. They sound delicious'

  8. Butterbeer mmmmmmmm makes me want to go back to Universal Studios to get it.
    My boyfriend tried to make it from scratch but sadly, wasn't the same!

  9. I am not a cook, my daughter is and she collects cookbooks. So I am using a Hunger Games Cookbook for this challenge.

    Fall means soup to me sooo here is a soup recipe that sounds yummy.... I haven't tried it but I will hopefully soon.

    District 13's Rejuvenating Beef Stew:

    A mouth watering beef stew that contains sirloin steak, lots of yummy spices, potatoes, onions, celery and carrots...oh don't forget the turnip.

    Something that is made from fresh veggies and some delicious meat on a cold day while getting ready for a rebellion. Sounds just right.

    Here is my link

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  11. I love eating, but not so much for cooking. However, since japanese food is my absolute favourite I'm always thinking about Percy Jackson inspired makis. They're like regular tuna/salmon maki pieces but covered with seaweed.

    My link:

  12. Nice - I posted a recipe out of the book I am reading - Delancey :

  13. Never read HP but I have totally read the Mitford series and it is FULL OF FOOD. The fact that a cookbook actually came out with recipes I was already working on was such a relief. I could stop trying to find them all over the internet and now just have them all in one place. Those have to be some of the most delicious books I have ever read!

  14. I love Tooloom also known as Trinidadian Molasses And Coconut Sweetmeat. So for a Percy Jackson inspired desert because I feel nostalgic, heat molasses over medium heat, stir in sugar and blue colouring. Stir in the nutmeg and coconut and continue stirring until the mixture is stiff and the coconut is cooked through, about 20 to 25 minutes. You can add more blue colouring if you want. Remove from heat and form small balls on a heavily greased sheet. Allow to cool.

  15. Salad: lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

    Because of this quote:
    "Remember that time," Violet said, "when our parents attended the Sixteenth Annual Run-a-Thon, and
    their feet were so tired when they got home that Dad prepared dinner while sitting on the kitchen floor,
    instead of standing?"
    "Of course I remember," Klaus said. "We had only salad, because they couldn't stand up and reach
    the stove."

  16. mmm.. the best book food? A BAAAD devil's cake... Always thinking of Matilda every time I eat it! The place they talk about it in the book is not-so-good and quite disturbing in the movie - but O my... Just can't get enough!

  17. Thank you for the mini-challenge!
    I have chosen "porridge", since I love Scottish recipes since I read Outlander.
    Here is my post:

  18. I have to say Butterbeer latte. It's based on the Butterbeer from Harry Potter. First you mix butter and brown sugar and melt them. After they have melted, you add milk and let it warm up and finally add some vanilla sugar and cinnamon. I usually make this on the evenings when my boyfriend is having trouble with sleeping. This calms him down and soon he sleeps like a baby. It's also really sweet and good so it would be really nice to offer for guests.

  19. I posted a whimsical Princessy Snack on my blog

  20. Please Don't Stop Chicken a recipe from Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a cookbook. " I'm in warm pieces all over the plate." Baked chicken with apricot jam, sage, lemon zest. I love to cook and entertain.

  21. I want to make this but instead of ghosts I would use chocolate grave stones, homemade, and homemade custard, in honor of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman!

  22. Mine's a bit of a cheat, because I lifted a meal not from a book I read, but from a story I wrote. My protagonist once orders a breakfast he described as " know, with eggs and bacon, and crispy toast, and those pancakes you do, with syrup on the side? Your window says it's the best breakfast in town, and I say – screw that, it's the best damn breakfast in New Cali.". Then, during said breakfast, he gets a bright idea to dip a bacon strip into the maple syrup, which results in a paragraph consisting solely of the words, "Oh. My. God."

    Funnily enough, before I wrote that breakfast for him, I never had one like that myself. So, for the sake of authenticity, I had to try it, including the bacon-dipping. And well, he was right. Now, every month or so, I treat myself to what I call The Rain Breakfast (named after my character), which features eggs, toast, pancakes and bacon, and as much maple syrup as is required to dip everything.

    *is hungry now...*