Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Clothing

Jessi, from Novel Heartbeat has this feature since a while ago, and I've been meaning to join and then I forget and...anyway, you get my point. This week however, I remembered! So here I am, to talk to you about: Clothing. 

 For a long time, mostly when I went to University in Colombia, I did not wear that much dresses or skirts. Not because I didn't like them, but because sadly, dressing too much like a girl over there can get you the wrong kind of attention. But then I moved to Canada and since I've been feeling more and more comfortable with my body, well, I've been wearing dresses a bit more. Here you can see one of my latest favorites, the dress I used to one of my friend's wedding.
Now, another thing I avoided before were heels. It is important to let you know that when I am at the lab, wearing heels is not a great idea. I have my best friend who does it, and she rocks it, but since a lot of the time I have to run around, I stick to comfy shoes. However, when I go with heels...well, I go high! This ones here I believe are above 4 inches, but I love them.

A lot of my very girly stuff comes from ModCloth like the green dress with the Owl or the navy blue shirt. They have a very nice selection in sizes and so far I have not been disapointed with the quality. They all have a retro feel, which I really like, and I think it suits me :).

Off course living here in Canada, wearing a skirt is not a year thing, because, well, winter. And once again, at the lab I am supposed to wear pants if I am doing an experiment (even though you have to wear a lab coat, you want to have extra protection) so I only wear dresses/skirts to lab when I now I won't be putting myself in danger. So I do wear jeans quite often, but lately I've tried to pair them not only with T-shirts, but a bit more blouses or, in this case, a long sweater dress. 

Also it is very important to protect yourself from the weather, so coats! This one here was a gift from my mother-in-law. It works during spring and autumn only, but boy do I use it. 

Last but not least, I love tights! Well, I love socks in general, but tights I can only wear for a very short period of time during spring and then in autumn. I like them because they can add a lot of color to a simple outfit and the designs can be very amusing indeed.

There you have it!, I hope it wasn't too boring for my first entry for this feature, I will do my best to keep with it:)

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