Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Bloggiesta To-Do List

I can't believe that fall is almost here. While I love fall styles, up here in Montreal it gets cold so fast that sooner that you think is winter styles. I want to, once again, use the bloggiesta to organize a bit my blog. There is quite a lot of events happening during this time of the year and I want to tackle them with a fresh blog.

So here is my To-Do List:
  • Update my reviewed archive as well as my challenge related tabs
  • One review to post over the week-end
  • One non-review post
  • Participate in the Twitter party, now that I have a Twitter account 
  • Change my banner to the autumn one!
Unrelated...I am hoping I will pass my driver's exam on the 18th. Wish me luck!
    Update: Didn't make it you guys, but is ok, I can take it again soon.

So that's it. It looks doable, don't you think? If you are interested in joining Go HERE to read all about it and sign yourself up.

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