Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book notes

I have mentioned before that I do not write on my books, I do not underline or highlight them. It is just not for me. But then this makes it a problem for me when I want to retain a particular sentence for a review or a weird moment that I would like to share with someone afterwards. I take a lot of books out from the library, so off course it is not an option to write on them!

When it comes to eBooks or audio books, I have it solved. My Kobo allows me to highlight or put notes on most of my files (not on PDF sadly) and both Audible and Overdrive have a bookmark option. But when I am reading paper print...that's when I have a problem or used to. 

Here you can see my new allies, tiny Post-its! My favorite, although I haven't used them yet, are the ones with the little cats. It was a gift from my boyfriend, and they are adorable. This has solved the problem partially, as long as it is with my own books. But what about the library books? I used the same post-its but I cannot leave them there. So I've started using OneNote for this cases. You see, I don't always carry my phone and not always have access to my computer when I am reading. This is partially on purpose to get my reading time without distractions. But at the end of the day I will transfer the selected passages or notes to a file on OneNote and so they became available for me whenever I write the review!.

What about you? I know a lot of you used book journals, I tried that but I kept forgetting to bring it with me. What works for you? I can't wait to see your comments.

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