Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

This was the June pick for the Sword and Laser BookClub

What the book is about
The book takes place in the country of Adro, where in the middle of the night the Field Marshal Tamas has overthrown the king in an attempt to stop a corrupt government. However his actions bring also a war against the neighboring countries as well as in internal fight against those who were far from opposing the royal regime. What would look like an historical fiction is touched by fantasy when you add the power of mages, Tamas' son included. Magic and gunpowder merge to deliver a book full of action and intrigue.

Final thoughts

I should've liked this book...I mean I really liked His Majesty's Dragon, so what was it about this book that I didn't enjoy?

I've read amazing reviews, boasting praises for the book. And I have to say, all the things that they mention are indeed there. An interesting magic system, with gunpowder being the source of the Powder Mages magic seems to be the part that most people agree was a strong point for the book. I agree, it was there, it was different, it...did nothing for me. I would find myself doing "meh" faces as the magic happened in the book, for it did not happen in my head sadly.

Is not that I do not enjoy a military novel, as I mentioned before, I really enjoyed HMD, but in this case it just didn't click. I never fell for any of the characters, although I have to say I started liking Ka-Poel towards the end.

It bothers me that I didn't like this book, because I think it has a lot of good things which is why I am giving it a 3, because while I didn't like it I can perfectly see why other people should and have liked it. Dear book, is not you, it definitely me, sorry.
A spy is not a soldier, Marshal. A soldier has a loyalty for himself, it is true, but at the end, he needs to fill his stomach and to get one month's worth salary. Spies are motivated by the love of the art. They love their country, and their king.

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