Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Night of Cake & Puppets by Laini Taylor

Life doesn’t need magic to be magical. But a little bit sure doesn’t hurt

Why I read this book

Ever since I started reading the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy I've likes Zuzana. She is a fun character to read and to hear, since I am doing this series in Audio. So when I learn that there was a tiny novella dedicated to her I had to read it.

What the book is about

Taylor gives us in this book the story of Zuzana's and Mik's first date. With a bit of help from Karou and a lot of input from her own unique persona, Zuzana finally makes the first move and marvels Violin Boy with a wonderful night in Prague.

First impressions

Independent of the magic in this story, this is such a lovely first date. Two people that have liked each other all along, but cannot gather the guts to ask each other out finally getting the little push they needed.

Final thoughts

While the reason why I like Daughter of Smoke and Bone so much is because it doesn't revolve solely on a lovey dovey couple but mostly in effect difference and ignorance can affect everything, this novella was sweet without being sickeningly so.

It showed a side of Zuzana that was endearing without losing her strength, which happens so often, like you have to choose between one and the other. And Mik is adorable; the way he talks (Kevin Collins does a wonderful job impersonating him), the way he expresses himself, is absolutely charming. The fact that the story is told from both POVs is a plus, and when it finally merges it is…well, I don’t like to say perfect, but I guess for this two it was.

Listening to this novella, right before going through Dreams of Gods and Monsters gave me a whole new light for their relationship as well as the one between Karou and Zuzana. Almost 3 hours of delightful charm and sassiness.

I want to build spires in their minds and dance shadows through like marionettes, chased by whispers and hints of the unspeakable.

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