Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brace yourselves...the Read-a-Thon is coming

You guys, is finally here, the Read-a-Thon is here...and I am a mess.

See, this is my third time participating as a reader and second hosting a mini challenge (yeii). But all of the other things I managed to free my scheduled completely for the day, as in, I had nothing else to do, but sit and read. I also had my book club books done, a stack of books selected and off course: chili.

And now I am writing this post on Thursday night, after barely finishing my presentation for tomorrow morning at the lab, knowing tomorrow I will have to come in extra early so I can start my experiment before 8am so on Saturday I can go around 6am to finish my experiment in order to be back home by 8 and start reading as I planned.

Do I have my books ready? I would hardly say so. I have 4 books that I am reading right now and of them I expect to finish 3 one of them and ARC I am expected to send a review about; but I also had planned to use the Read-a-Thon to catch up with the pick of the month for Sword and Laser, start another book I got in exchange of a review and catch up with my Once Upon a Time challenge. To make this a bit messier, I received a call today from the library. I forgot I had reserved The Giver! How on Earth did I forget, I have no idea, but since you may have noticed, my reading schedule is kind off tight, so I don't know if I will be able to squeeze that one in. Last year I finished 4 books, started 4 (not the same 4) and it accounted for 1565 pages read. Only a tiny nap of 30 min. Wonder if I will do better this year.

The worst part? No chili you guys! And this is like a tradition by now. But I've completely forgot to buy the ingredients and I'm not sure I will have time tomorrow. Mr. Fiancé is saying here that he will take care of, and I am sure he will, is just that getting ready was part of my fun, but as it happens my cells didn't cooperate for a free Friday night nor a Saturday free schedule.

But at the end is ok, you know why? Because I will still get to curl into my chair, read as much as I can in one day (I might need to get a nap though) and share it with all this wonderful people that are also taking the challenge. So let me hear it for a day full of books and friends! Are you ready?

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