Tuesday, August 27, 2013

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Why I read this book?

My best friend is head over heels about this series and continuing (by now) tradition we plan to go and see the movie for our girl's night. So you see, I pretty much had to read the book, didn't I? ;)

What's the book about?

If you are not into YA fantasy I think is best if you don't go for this book. So, there is this girl, she thinks she is very normal, but she is not, she is actually a Shadowhunter (the name explains it, she has to hunt shadowy creatures a.k.a: demons) and at the same time she discovers this, she will also learn about another side of this world and realize the role she has in it.

What about the main character?

Clary (Clarissa, man that name takes me back some decades) was portrayed as a very simple character to me in this first book. Mind you, not Bella helpless, but still. She is the artsy type and as many teenage girls, feels she is not pretty at all. She is a bit oblivious of the fact that her best friend Simon is in love with her. She is not yet in my "female characters I don't mind my non-existent daughter would follow as example" but she didn't make the "oh hell no" list either, so that's that.

Final thoughts

Being a fanfiction author at first, I guess it was not surprise that she throw almost everything supernatural in the first installment. I was surprised to learn that even though this book has been around for almost 6 years now, they are just now using it for a movie. In general I liked it, it is exactly what it is being sold to be, a YA supernatural story. Is it great? No, it could have a better main character, but it has an interesting premise none the less. Is it horrible? No, the dialogues flow nicely enough, they don't seem as "fake teen" as this type of books often do, and the main character is not completely a damsel in distress that is nothing without a man next to her. Hopefully Clary will grow some presence in the next installment. 

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