Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Clearing by Thomas Rydder

I received this book as part of the LybraryThing Early Review and here is my review.

What's the book about?

Beth Lowe is an entomology professor in Hemingway, Pennsylvania. She has recently adopted her niece Lizzie since her sister died. Lizzie is having a bit of a trouble adapting and in order to smooth things out Beth gets her a dog, Flapjack. However after a couple of weeks the dog is attacked and viciously hurt. After this attack Flapjack's behaviour and appearance changes gradually but surely. At the same time weird cattle attacks take place in the little town of Hemingway.

What was different of this book?

This was a fast fun read. What I would say was very different for me was the fact that while reading this book I had the clear feeling of watching a TV movie. Kind off what I think a horror movie made by Hallmark would look like. The imagery was very vivid but the development of the story as well as the dialogs seemed somehow straight out of a script.

What about the main character?

I'm not sure if Beth was the main character but let's take her as the main thread that unifies the story. I liked her at first, she is a scientist, so I felt easy empathy for her. She is doing her best to be Lizzie's mom. Is not that I stopped liking her but the whole relationship that develops in less than a month was so rushed that I started wondering what happened to the character I thought existed at first. I think this is the reason I had the Hallmark feeling all along.

The 10% moment

By this time Flapjack was bitten and Beth is starting to get the feeling he is not completely fine. There has been hints to the fact that behind the pack of wolves there is more than just your typical "werewolf" story.

Final thoughts

It was a fun read and a fast one for that matter. Once again I have the feeling that I was reading a movie. I enjoyed the fact that the story was well researched; some of the legends involve were new to me and the scientific in me couldn't help but to double check: everything added up. However, I don't think it was that different to a regular werewolf story. 


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