Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's not you (dear book) it's me

Last week-end I finished reading The you can see in my review, it was a hard one, I know I should be praising this book, but I just couldn't . I didn't know the context enough to understand it.

I hate when this happens. Lucky it doesn't happen to me THAT often, but every once in a while, I will find a book (or a movie) that has everything to be a good one for me, I mean there is a reason why I bought the book you know? But then, I'm sitting there, and things just don't click. The potential is all there, and you feel it in your gut: "This is a good one! don't let it go". But is too late, is over and you are moving on to the next one

So I'm asking you now, what was the book(s) you knew you should love, but just couldn't?


  1. I really couldn't like The Lord of the Rings and I tried, several times. I like Fantasy and the story sounds great, but I don't like Tolkien's style, even though I don't mind long descriptions.

    Another author I don't like is Lorca. I know he is a classic in Spanish literature and all my high school teachers love his books. So do all my friends. He can't be too bad if so many people like his books, but I don't.

    1. I've never read anything from Lorca, so I wouldn't know.But I really tried to read the whole Quixote, another Spanish classic. I liked the "new" version, so I wanted to try the original version (in old castillian)...well that just didn't happened! I couldn't even finish the 12th chapter!