Monday, July 2, 2012

TSS: It's done!


 Hello everybody!. I'm glad to tell you that is done!, We are finally done with the moving. I took long hours, not so much sleep, but is done! I'm so happy. I loved our new place, and I love the new disposition of our books. We separated them on fiction, non-fiction and academia. Why? because we now have enough space for it ;). I also love the fact that now we have a proper office (my PC was in my room before) so I can work without disturbing my boyfriend's sleep or viceversa. I'm expecting to be able to write more often now, I couldn't actually post this on Sunday, since we only installed my computer yesterday and I wanted all the rest to be done before sitting here. But I've thought a lot of my blog, it relaxes me to write here, I can take my time, no pressure, if people like it is awesome, it not, I have the space tho just share my thoughts.

Anyway, let's do a wrap up of the half of the year. I'm ahead on my reading challenge, which is good, because this last month I read, sure, but not a lot. I think so far my favorite book of the year is 1Q84, but I have a couple of books that also got 5 mushrooms. Is just that this was so unexpected as book to me, that so far is in the leading position. It gave me so much to say, then again Death with interruptions also did, but I knew I would like Saramago, so that's why Murakami got extra points.

The "worst" book...well I guess it would have to be From Adam to Noah. I have only 2 books with 2 mushrooms so far, but you see, at least The Road to Megara was fiction, not amazing fiction, but work in progress fiction. I think my biggest issue with Timmons, is that albeit he works hard in defending his thesis, he arguments are not valid to my eyes, or anyone around me (I read excerpts from the book to a bunch of my friends, to know if maybe it was just me who wouldn't find the book good...I wasn't alone :S)

Right now, I just finished The Gospel of Damascus, from Omar Imady and I intend to post the review later this afternoon.I just started Cain, from Saramago.

I believe that's all, I hope, as always, that you have a good week

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