Sunday, June 24, 2012

TSS: Runing all over the place

Hello everybody! This month I had barely posted a couple of times. You would think that someone as compulsively organized as me would have it easy moving, but as it turns out, no. I can't complaint if I'm objective, but off course there are always last minute things that you couldn't foresee, like last week heat wave, I mean, who can actually work with that heat? Well...we did it, we had no choice, but my body is aching all over for the over usage he has been put through. Is worth it though, the official move is almost at the corner, but our (our!) new place is coming together nicely.

Luckily , the weather is nice once again, and during the week we will start bringing boxes and stuff. 

On the reading note, I finally finished The Pillars of the Earth. I really liked it. right now I'm reading The Gospel of Damascus  a book I got through LibraryThing Early Reviewers. I wanted to read A World without End, but I have my reading list kinda full for this year, so I will put it in the reading list of 2013.

Also, this week I learned about something amazing. Reading The Book Lady's blog last Monday on how to expand your book horizons, I discovered Paperback to the Future. You HAVE to check it out, is such a wonderful idea!. I'm thinking to give this to myself as Christmas present or B-day present since as I mentioned, I'm not lacking books to read right now, but I really, really loved the whole idea of someone finding that perfect book for you that you didn't know existed!

That's it from now. Hopefully once everything is settled I will be able to post again every Sunday and share some of my "discussion" ideas

Have a wonderful week

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  1. Paperback to the Future looks amazing but I think it's US-only. Bummer. Still, fantastic to know that it exists.