Sunday, May 20, 2012

TSS: Not a lot to say

Well, another week went by and I barely manage to put another discussion up.

Is just that this week had been full of non-bookish situations, and hence I didn't have enough time to read. I did finish "The Bluest Eye" by Tony Morrison, but that was yesterday before we went to the opera, so I haven't been able to put down the review. I loved the book, but it was a hard, full of emotions one, and so I want to take my time before writing my review. As I mentioned, I'm reading 2 more books, so I guess that doesn't help either to me advancing faster, but no regrets, the 2 other books are good ones and very different.
Other than that we've been having great weather... which means yard work, I think the final product will be good, but I'm so thankful this is a long week-end, otherwise I would be dead at work. Also packing...I'm at box #3 of only books and I haven't reached half of it, for the looks of it! Anyway, I hope everybody has a nice week :)


  1. I hope you enjoyed the Opera...what did you see/hear?!

    Toni Morrison's books are wonderful. I always need to take some time to think about the book and process what I've read when I finsih one of her books. I'll be watching for your review of The Bluest Eye, which I haven't read yet.

    The great weather has also found it's way here, finally so I spent yesterday outside and will do the same today.

    I hope you're enjoying IQ84. I'm relatively new to Murakami and have only read Norwegian Wood. I have IQ84 but haven't read it yet.

    Enjoy your Sunday. Good luck with the packing! (Are you moving?)

    1. Hi Amy, we went to see Faust. I loved the book and I wanted to see the Opera. It was ok, but we also saw Rusalka this season and I loved that one. I will post the review between today and tomorrow :). I hope you will like 1Q84 I admit is not an easy one.
      And yes...I'm moving in with my boyfriend :)

  2. I read The Bluest Eye last year and it took me about two weeks to get through it. Not because I didn't LOVE it (because I did), but because it was emotionally draining and I wanted to physically assault some characters.

    1. Oh I know just what you mean! It went fast for me, because I just needed to know what next. I think that shows what a great writer she is, the fact that you want to take some of the characters and treat them like if they were real, in this case punching them in the face