Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

So I mentioned that I had to fight against myself not to fall asleep and finish Catching Fire. I was a good girl and waited for the next day to start Mockingjay, but these 2 days I’ve been reading it in every single opportunity I get, which is not that wise, because I almost missed my stop in the bus, metro, and I almost pass by my house without entering…not so good during winter. 

Anyway, if you are reading this, I sincerely hope you finished Catching Fire, because I cannot talk about the 3rd book without giving some information out. District 12 is long gone, attacked and destroyed by the Capitol; Katniss and Finnick are with the rebels; while Peeta and Johanna were caught by the Capitol…and the rebels are rising. 

District 13 was not erased from the Earth, turns out it has been there all along, underground, preparing for the takeover. This is where Katniss now lives, trying to figure out whether she wants to be the image of the rebellion or she has no option at all. Is the actions of the Capitol itself that finally triggers in her the desire, albeit selfish, to make active part of this uprising (and then I have the Muse song in my head…you should definitely listen to them if you haven’t but that’s a different topic). Anyway, different situations will force Katniss to accept her role as the Mockinjay. Guided by her thirst of revenge she will try to guide the forces to take the Capitol, to give their spirits all the support and all the strength she has, even if that means walking around the clock with a camera crew on her back. 
I enjoyed this book a lot, in fact it was the one I finished the fastest form the saga. There will be moments I regretted reading the book in the metro, because I people look at you weird when you inexplicably laugh or cry, but it was worth it. I did not see the end coming; there was a lot of pain involved when finishing the book, physical when I felt Katniss wounds as my own, but also in my heart when some of the characters that grew inside of me, are forever lost. 

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