Thursday, February 16, 2012

Knife of Truth, Road to Megara, by Cynthia Willerth

I got this book in the Early Reviewers program of, and here is my review. 
First of all, I have to tell you something I only realized when I got the book…this is the second novel of the author, as in, the continuation of the history. Problem is I did not read the first one. Still, I read the comments and synopsis of the first book ( and I thought, well it seems interesting, a “medieval” setting, inspired by LOTR…it may have potential. 
I still think the potential is there, is just that it was not exploited. The dialogs are not engaging, and seem to be really random. During the first chapters, there is way to many characters to keep up. Sometimes I’ve complained about “saga” books going back to past events too much, but in this book, there were not mentioned, so you would’ve to just finished reading the first book, to fully remember what is what. 
Something that bothered me too was the fact that there seems to be no spell check or grammar check or even “complete sentence” check. I would find sentences as: “What are they going with me”, “Oh, you’ve though a lot”…I think this last one was supposed to be through a lot, but this should not happen in a final version of a book. A typo, maybe, but when you find them splashing all over the place, it looks as if they took the manuscript and send it to the printer.
Finally, the way how the author writes the thoughts of the characters…I know that in real life, most of the things that happen inside our heads are not necessarily fluidly connected, but to read what seems like a telegram of the character leaves such an empty space for me, that I would have to jump this passages.

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