Friday, July 15, 2011

How do I read? Let me count you the ways...

Ok, so that's not that original as a title, but hey, I write what comes to mind.
Because I have a slight problem with control (my roommate says in a half joke half accusation tone that I am a control freak) I started an Excel file with all the books I've read. Well, not all of them. I started in 2007, but a lot of the books I read before that escape from my memory. 
But, at least for the last 4 years I am proud to say that every single book I've read in a year is there. 
I have read approximately 249 books to date, give or take a few. Right now, I am reading 2 at the same time, one light summer reading, the other a more demanding book, I would say. 
Yesterday I was coming home back from the library and I was thinking about the book I had in my for me as in I have never read it before, and I thought how many times this week did I recommended the series to my friends. Then it hit me!, reading so many books, why not put some of them in the blog with some comments? did I like it, would I recommend it to anyone else?
So today, middle of summer and being supposed to finish writing my masters thesis (for which, by the way, I 've read so many articles but enjoy so few of them) I've decided to start a "critic" blog, or more accurately, a "this is what I, without any pretensions, think of this book". Maybe I will make others get to know books that I absolutely love :). I hope if you are reading this, you find them useful, or at least the mention of a book in particular makes you give it a try.

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