Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today is the London premier of Harry Potter’s last movie. Have you read the book? I have, all of the books, at first in Spanish, then in English…I have to admit I re read the last one recently, just to remember the things I might have forgotten…and then I have to admit that I re cried at the end, even though I knew what was about to happen. Books you see are the thing I’m addicted to.  Well, that and Coke, but never mind that. Is not only this set of books that give goose bumps, no. Half of the books I’ve read have exited me to the verge of tears, incontrollable laugh or even great rage against one character or its actions. The other half took me into another world from which I often refuse to get out, reading against my tired senses, ignoring the fact that I said I would stop reading when I arrived to the next point.
If there is something I would like to share with anyone in the world (and let’s face it, I’m not the most sharing person), it would be the overwhelming emotion that fills me when I have a book in my hands. What’s going to happen? Can I wait until the bus stops? No, I certainly can, maybe just a peek to know that everyone is safe…damn I missed my stop. Can I read while walking? Maybe if I just walk a little bit slower and look up at every coma… Oh the smell of new books…or old books…or newly bought old books…or just books. The infamous paper cut that leaves a mark on your finger and on the page you were reading right then. One of my greatest joys and dramas is when I’m about to finish one book. The dilemma between knowing what closes the story and thinking that the story is coming to an end almost hurts in my chest. But then again…I always have another book waiting nearby to be read.
Recently it came to my attention that the library I have at home is starting to be full. So my roommate and I arrived to the same and only sensible solution…we need more shelves. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not buy any book, just for the sake of it. When in a book store, or the library for that matter, I walk slowly between the books, until something catches my attention. Do I now the author? Extra points for that. Do I know the subject? Have I already read this book but in another language and it marked me so much that now that I’m able to read it in another language I want to see if it would have the same effect that before?...and so on.  
I do not only read fiction, nor do I only read non-fiction. I believe doing so would be depriving me from wonderful moments with a book. I’ve read historical novels, autobiographies, biographies, science fiction…I do not read self help books (Who took my cheese and those sorts of books)…is just not my thing. Nor are the “books based on the movie”.
You know how Alice (in wonderland) asks at the beginning how are you supposed to enjoy books without any pictures in them? I’ve always found the books that let you shape your character way better.  You might say that some books have movie adaptations, like HP…sure, but I find myself usually sticking to my version.

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