Ratings System and Review Policy

Thanks for coming to my blog and for your potential interest in having me review your book. Please read the following review policy carefully and visit my About page

 I particularly  enjoy literary/contemporary/classic fiction non-fiction ( bookish topics, science, art/art history), mysteries, thrillers, fantasy and Sci-Fi

In general I avoid: romance and self-help

My reviews typically include: my first impressions when approaching the book and my final thoughts after a tiny period of digesting the reading. I write honest reviews, which means they won't always be positive. I will not review books that I didn’t finish. I will not use demeaning words to qualify the book, nor the author. I will always do my best to find a good point, even if I didn’t like it. I might not like the story (not all stories are for everyone, just like skinny jeans) but I will always acknowledge the book in itself. Please keep in mind that this are subjective ratings.

I am discerning when accepting review books. But I will tell you from the beginning if and why I feel like I might not be a good audience for your book

I prefer not to participate in book tours. 

I don't have a preference in format ARCS, galleys, e-books (epub works the best with my Kobo but PDF format works too), hardback, paperback or whatever. If you are in a hurry for a review, please let me know ahead, so I can organize myself and if ever I see I cannot make it, let you know in advance.

You can contact me at: cplazasg (at) gmail (dot).com

In my Reviewed Books tab, ratings are simplified to #x, but that’s only for organization purposes. 

5x I loved the book. It delivered what I was expecting from it and then a little bit more.  I would recommend you read it, even if is not your “go-to” genre, because I think there is something there worthy to be shared. 

4x I enjoyed the book. It delivered what I was expecting from it, but didn’t go any further. There is a chance I didn’t love the story being told, but it was a good book above all, well written, researched, etc.  I might suggest you reading it, if you like the genre, but won’t push on it. 

3x I liked the book, but it fell short on my expectations. There is something missing which didn’t let me submerge in the story. I will probably discuss it with you if the topic arises, but unless you are really into that genre or author, I wouldn’t recommend it.

2x Unfortunately there are more bad points to this book than good ones. However I appreciate the effort put on it, I can see what the author was going for, even though it didn’t deliver for me, and I will do my best to point out the good parts. I wouldn’t recommend it.

1x I definitely didn’t like the book. It was hard to find good points.  There was not magic, no “embrace” so my mind wasn’t completely in the book at the time reading. There is a high chance I skim through the book to give it a chance, but it just wasn’t for me.

- I didn’t finish it. The story or message just wasn’t for me. This book won’t get a review.


  1. Hi, lovely blog. I would really appreciate a review of my debut novel, The Super Spud Trilogy. Please email me if you are free as I can send you a PDF copy: michael.diack@googlemail.com
    Thanks and have a nice day.

  2. Hi there! Love the green mushroom rating system! New follower too!

    1. Hi, Thank you! Welcome, I hope you like the reviews :)