Monday, August 24, 2015

A Rogue by Any other Name by Sarah MacLean

Format: eBook

: 386

Source: Library (OverDrive)

Genres: Romance

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: February 28th 2012

Read on: July 5th to 7th

Thoughts: One of the items for the Read Harder Challenge is to read a Romance novel. Now, I've only read 4 romance novels, including this one and I will admit, based on the other ones I've tried I was a bit hesitant about this part of the challenge. I decided to go for a Sarah MacLean since the creators of the challenge (the people from BookRiot) talk wonders about this series. I will say I was not disappointed by their recommendation but I probably I won't be visiting the genre any time soon.

A Rogue tells the story Penelope, the eldest sister of her family who was once engaged, but whose betrothed left her for another woman, basically tainting her name; and of Michael Lawler, a.k.a the Marques of Bourne, the rogue in our story, who lost his family wealth in a card game and it's looking for revenge. (chanchanchaaaaaaan)

Things I appreciated in the story: The epoch descriptions seemed well researched; the characters had fluid conversations and didn't seem forced (like the other romances I've tried); the sex scenes were actually exiting and not overly pushed for shock. I liked Penelope, while she has to remain a "lady" of her time; she is strong and will voice her opinions more often than not. She is not a pushover basically. Michael got on my nerves quite often, what with his martyr, nobody gets me tone. But he does get redeemed, I mean, it is a romance novel after all.

But as it happens with this genre (for me) it gets too predictable too soon. It was a fast read and I would even say fun at times. But when I already know what's coming 3 chapters ahead I find myself skimming the book, just not grabbed by it.

I would say if you want to start reading Romance, this one is probably a good place to start. Not a lot of clichés and, at least in my case, the sec scenes didn't get me rolling my eyes. 

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