Thursday, March 26, 2015

Once Upon a Time IX

Every year as spring arrives (or is supposed to arrive, ehem) Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings hosts his Once Upon a Time "challenge". I participated last year, and it's always a lot of fun, so here I am again.The premise is simple enough:
From March 21st up until June 21st you read and share your thoughts about books that fall into the broad categories of Fairy Tale, Folklore, Fantasy and Mythology (including subgenres off course).
As I did last year, I will participate and will follow the Quest The First: Read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time categories. They might all be fantasy, or folklore, or fairy tales, or mythology…or your five books might be a combination from the four genres.

For now, my lineup is as follows

Off to be the wizard by Scott Meyer

Wyrd Sisters by Sir Terry Pratchett

Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia

The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan

Siege and Storm by Leigh Berdugo 

Of this, only one comes from the Sword and Laser Book club (Wyrd Sisters). I realize that all of them, once again, fall mostly in the fantasy category, but some have very interesting mythology nuances, like The brides[...] inspired by the Irish mythological creature, the Selkies.

As always I will update the links to the reviews in this post as I make them available.There is a high chance that I read more than this books (there is the Read-a-Thon after all) and if I get to review them, I will add them here.

Are you participating? Let me know in the comments!

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