Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 10 Goals/Resolutions For 2015

Oh my, it is gone! 2014 is gone. I've mentioned before that in 2015 I want to read more diversely, but what I also want is to read more broadly. There are areas that I feel that I am doing ok, as in Author Sex where I am reading 59% Female authors vs 41% Male. Where I am lacking is on cultural representation I am afraid. Only 14% of my reading represented POC and slightly better, but still 31% of my reading had a Stong Female Main Character (SFMC for short). Also, only 13% of my reading was nonfiction...I want my reading to be more about the content AND authors than the total of books read. Yeah, I read 100 books on 2014, but when you see the stats (and I do love stats)...they don't make me happy.

So here are my top 10 resolutions for the year that comes. It will also be the year that I am supposed to seriously start writing my thesis (maybe defend? Not sure yet) so I am a bit afraid I won't be able to make it to all of the goals, but I will do my best!

1. Read more diversely:

For that I opened my own challenge. As I mentioned in it, from my side I am starting with reading at least 1 POC author per month. I do realize that this is not the only one of reading diversely, but it is my starting point.

2. Read more in Spanish

This is more for me, 91% of the books I read on 2014 where in English, either translations or because they were originally written in English. My Spanish is a big part of who I am, and hence I want for it to make part of my reading life once again. As in my first resolution, I want to read at least 1 book in Spanish per month. They will probably overlap at times, but this is perfectly fine.

3. Read more Canadian Literature

I've been living in Canada for more than 5 years now and only until recently I started reading consciously Canadian author, mainly Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro. I believe being in a new country I should get to know it's authors better, and so I have joined another online book club called Hello Hemlock. So that's 1 Canadian Literature Book a month.

4. Read more nonfiction

As I mentioned, I really didn't read much nonfiction during 2014, I mean it was better than in 2013 thanks to #NonFicNov, but still. So, yes, you guessed it: at least 1 book of nonficiton per month.

5. Finish (when possible) series that I left hanging

This only applies to series I liked. If I left them hanging because I was just not capable or reading it anymore well, that's different.

6. Keep track of how many of my books pass the Mako Mori Test

Basically I was already looking for SFMC in my books, but I would like to pay more attention to how many of the books I read have female characters that, while they might not be the main one they still have their own strong arc story and it is not about supporting the male character/

7. Read more of my "already owned" books

Pretty self explanatory I think. In 2013, 43% of my reading was from books I already owned, 50% in 2014. I want to at least keep it to 50% if not a bit higher. This is just about really knowing what is unread on my shelves.

8. Join at least one of the Dewey's Read-a-Thons
If not as a reader, for sure as a cheerleader!

9. Keep track of the country represented by the book

Whether by the author's origin or where the story takes place.

10. Read all the month picks from the Sword and Laser  and the Hello Hemlock book club

Well...I will try, sometimes I can't access the books on the right month and then I forget to catch up :/

To not feel guilty if by some reason or another I can't make all my resolutions

I will try, and I will do my best, but I will stop the book guilt!

That's it! Here is a screen shot of my Excel tab for 2015. Do you think I forgot something? Let me know :D

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