Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nosotras que nos queremos tanto by Marcela Serrano

It would seem that men live the relationships and it is women who think them

What the book is about

Four friends have the opportunity to spend some days together, just the four of them. Four women that met almost by chance at work and that became friends in spite and because of their differences. The book takes us through their life and the life of those they loved, lost and hated; through their childhood, teenage years and their adult ones; through their bliss and their pain all mixed with a political conflict in the background.

First impressions

I have memories of women in my family reading this book and last time I went home I took a copy with me to read it myself. This is a beautiful book, depicting women with all their nuances. It is a powerful book from the eyes of a feminist, from the eyes of a person who loves women and a person that has been loved by them. The title translates roughly to "Us who love each other so much" and it is a perfect description and synthesis of the book. It is a book of women who love each other, as sister, friends, and even as enemies.

Final thoughts

These women, as I mentioned before, are very different from each other, and in being so they show all the different sides that a woman might have in a life time. During the book I felt that I identified with all of the women at a certain point and that was an extremely powerful feeling.

For me it was a book that had it all, from the deepest friendships to the hardest sorrows, Serrano takes us through the lives of this women and made them feel like it is our own. I am not sure how much of this sense of belonging comes from the Latin taste that covers each character and how much comes from being a woman, but this book reached all possible fibers inside of me.

Love is ever present in the book as I mentioned before, but not only love inside a couple, but fraternal love and off course the love between friends and the love that sometimes we forget to feel for ourselves.

It was a splendid read and I would recommend to all of my contacts and beyond. It has taken me a while to write this review, mostly because I feel that words fall short for what this book made me feel. So I can only say, read it!.

For you should know, Ana, that intimacy for men is the bed itself, no like for us which is after the bed, and hence, way longer.

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