Friday, May 30, 2014

Not a match: My true Tales of Online Dating Disasters by Brian Donovan

Why I read this book

Every once in a while, Audible is very generous and gives you free books! Off course, not always you find something that looks interesting, but this time I found this book and decided to give it a try.

What the book is about

For a bit more than 2 hours we learn about Donovan's experiences in dating online mostly through The book alternates between chapters about a specific dating experience and chapters with hints or tips for the online dating world.

First impressions

We decided to listen to this book, together with my boyfriend while commuting to work. It felt like a light, fun book to start and end the working day with, and we were not mistaken.

Final thoughts

Was it a fun book? Yes, a couple of times I burst into laughter at the nonsense happening. Was it light? Yes, the book is unpretentious and very relaxed and with a good amount of funny situations. I don't think I would've bought this book on my own I have to say. Ax Norman has a nice rhythm and tone, but it is hard to say anything else about him as a narrator with this particular book. 

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