Friday, May 2, 2014

Going Over by Beth Kephart

Everybody has a plan, I guess. We're all on a mission

Why I read this book

I got this book through the Early Reviewers program from LybraryThing in exchange of an honest review. The reason why I asked for this book was because I have never read a book based in this time period in Germany and the fact that it was written from a YA point of view, from both sides of the wall was very interesting to me.

What the book is about

During the early 1980s, on a divided Germany, we encounter 2 teenagers that grew up together thanks to the friendship of their grandmothers. They fell in love, even though they see each other 4 times a year at most. Ada lives on the East side of the wall, has colored hair and is an artist. Stefan lives on the West side of the wall and works on a job chosen for him. At night, both dream of joining each other.

First impressions

Beth Kephart did a wonderful job giving both Ada and Stephan their own voices. I like the fact that she didn't tried too hard to make them sound like teenagers and just went with simple, heartfelt dialogues and inner monologues. The side stories were as touching and well built as the main story itself.

Final thoughts

I am so happy I got a copy of this book. It was a beautiful story with very touching characters. The hope in both of the main characters mixed with Stefan's fear and Ada's energy made the jumping between chapters fast paced and made me want to turn the pages faster to know that things would be ok for everyone.

It is not just a happy story though. As it would be expected in a story built around the Berlin Wall there is quite a bit of social commentary; the differences between the 2 sides, the gastareiter, the people who tried and failed or succeed going from West to East. This social part of the story blends seamlessly with the life of Ada and Stephan, pushing their relationship to another level.

Because people who run don't want to be caught. People who hide don't want to be found. 

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