Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Liebster Award/ Premio Dardo

Well, for the first time I've been nominated to something like this and usually I don't do this type of posts, but I got quite excited when I saw Helen's comment (from Worlds Inside Books) and so here we are.

Thank you so much Helen for both nominating me and following me :)

The Liebster award!

The rules of this are the following: thank the blog who nominated you, list 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions that they asked you, ask 11 questions that your nominees have to answer and nominate 9 blogs with under 200 followers for the award that are not the one that nominated you. The questions for my nominees and the nominated blogs are at the end of the post.

11 facts about myself:

  1. I am from Colombia but I've been living in Canada for the last 5 years...winter does not get easier to cope with though
  2. I am fluent in 3 languages but I am working on learning another 2. 
  3. I think I haven't mentioned it here before, so here it is: I got engaged this year :)
  4. I follow 3 bookish podcasts namely Bookrageous, Book Riot and Sword and Laser
  5. I don't really like sports let alone watch them that much but there are 3 of them that I would actually watch and enjoy: Figure Skating, Cheerleading competitions (I used to be a cheerleader) and...the Super Bowl.
  6. I cannot work properly in a quite environment; I need my music in order to concentrate. Audio books won't do, because then I cannot concentrate on anything other than the book.
  7. I love jigsaw puzzles
  8. I hate roller coasters; last time I was in one it was the Dragon Challenge in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My brother convinced me to sit in the front...I screamed and cried the whole ride.
  9. I LOVE gummies particularly sour worms. If I am mad at you, you can help your way to forgiveness with a bag of these.
  10. I enjoy making lists of everything; organization is a must for me to a point that some of my friends compare me to Monica Geller.
  11. The only thing I guess I have a phobia to is rats. When I see them I start screaming incontrollably and act without thinking. I once climbed a friend, but had no recollection of how I got to his shoulders.

11 Questions/Preguntas from Helen

If you could visit any fictional worlds, which one would it be? / ¿Si pudieras visitar algún mundo ficticio, cuál sería?

     I would love to visit Fantasia from the Neverending Story

And a real place? / ¿Y un lugar real?

     If there is a place that I want to visit and that I haven't it would be England, Sweden and Iceland

What's your favourite thing to do that's not book related? / ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta hacer que no tenga que ver con libros?

     I really like cooking. Another thing that I miss is playing WoW, but lately I've been so busy at work that I had to "choose" and books won.

What made you start a book blog? / ¿Qué es lo que te llevó a empezar un blog literario?

     I wanted to keep a log of my opinions on the books I was reading. During the same time I was considering doing so I started visiting several others and finally I told myself I could try it for a bit. Turned out to be very relaxing to put my thoughts on "paper" and that's why I kept on it.

Which kind of characters do you like most? / ¿Cuál es el tipo de personaje que más te gusta?

     I like witty characters, characters that surprise you even by the end of the book, with different layers. Just as long as they are not predictable.

Which book would you like to see as a movie? / ¿Qué libro te gustaría ver convertido en película?

     That is a hard question. I think I would like to see the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy adapted, but I am afraid that a lot of the fantasy in it might be lost.

Is there any book that everybody loved but you? / ¿Hay algún libro que le gustara a todo el mundo menos a ti?

     I don't know about everyone, but I know Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson has gotten very good reviews in general. I read this book back in high school and while I liked the fact that the subject of rape was addressed I did not like the book. Another one was Jersey Angel by Beth Ann Bauman. I got this book through a giveaway by The Book Girl and I participated because of her review...I was SO disapointed.

Is there any movie that you liked more than the book? / ¿Hay alguna película que te haya gustado más que el libro?

     Yes. I don't Know how she does it by Allison Pearson. I didn't like the book character AT ALL.

What's your favourite genre? / ¿Cuál es tu género favorito?

     I lean more towards fantasy than any other genre, but I really love historical fiction too.

Is there any book that you've read over and over again? / ¿Hay algún libro que hayas leído muchas veces?

     I've only re read 2 books so far: Momo by Michael Ende and The Little Prince by . I am planing to re read Harum and the Sea of Stories.

What's your favourite book event? If you've never been to any, which one would you like to go to? / ¿Cuál es el evento literario que más te gustó? Si no has ido nunca a ninguno, ¿a cuál te gustaría ir?

     I used to go to the Book Fair in Bogotá, but it's been a looooong time since I've been, even before I left Colombia. I would like to go to Book Expo America, simply because several podcasts I follow talk about it and it seems like fun!

9 Blogs(+6)

I am nominating 9 blogs here but I am not 100% sure that they all have less than 200 followers, since in some I couldn't find the info. Regardless I really like what they are doing and I believe is worth sharing.

Helen also nominated me for the Premios Dardo (which means Dart Awards in Spanish). You award it to blogs that you like and think are good in their field. However, there are no questions and the nominees are any 15 blogs, regardless of the number of followers. Because I am not too sure on the rules for this other award I've decided to just nominate 15 blogs in total.

My 11 questions:

1. Do you make part of any book club? If so how did you come to join it, if not is there any that tempts you?

2. What is your least favorite genre, the one you just can't seem to like at all?

3. Do you listen to any bookish podcasts? If so which one and why?

4. What is your favorite place to read?

5. What is your stand on Audio books?

6. As a kid, what was your favorite book?

7. Do you write in books? If no, how do you manage the notes for your reviews?

8. What is the book that you haven't read but everyone keeps saying you should?

9. Have you ever lied about reading (or not) a book? Why?

10. What is the best bookish gift you have ever received?

11. Do you have a goal of books per year? How do you determine it?

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