Sunday, February 9, 2014

City of Glass (The Mortal instruments #3) by Cassandra Clare

I forgot to take a picture with the book, so here is a picture of my cat "reading" instead

Why I read this book?

This is the Third book in the Mortal Instruments series. The main reason to continue with this series, albeit it is entertaining, is because I started it with my best friend.

What's the book about?

In this book we follow the Shadownters into Alicante where a whole gathering is taking place to decide what to do with the Valentine situation. To get there Clarissa has to go against the Law and in doing so puts her life in danger as well as the lives of people who love her.

First impressions

Clarissa starts this book getting on my nerves so much!, Every single time she does what she was told not to do. While I think that a character going against the current AND getting results usually turns to be an interesting plot, the way she is always whining just bothers me. Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix? I really disliked Harry for the whole beginning of this book,: "nobody loves me, I am all alone so I'm going to put myself under unnecessary danger just to call for attention". That's what I got from Clarissa this time.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to be surprised with the book...I wouldn't count on it. Most of the things that happened, regarding Valentine and his family were meant to be surprises I gather, but it was quite predictable, at least for me. However I did enjoy the whole world building. Alicante seems like a gorgeous charming ancient city that I would love to visit. I loved the evolution of Alec's relationship, and I think the way the author built it was very nice. I don't know what else can be there after this book, but I know there are 2more books out. We will see what happens I guess. 


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