Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Selection by Kiera Cass

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Why I read this book?

I think I've established several times that once in a while I will go for a very light, very un challenging if you want, book, just for the sakes of fun. In this case, another girl in the lab was reading the sequel to this book and a blogger I follow published the review for the sequel fairly recently, so I figured if they have it in my library, I will give it a go.

What's the book about?

Years from now, after WWIV for some reason not fully explained a big part of North America, now named as Ilia (USA-->Attacked by China-->American States of China-->attacked by Russia-->failed--> defended by Gregory Ilia hence the country named Ilia and he is "Elevated to King" so Ilia is a kingdom) has become a monarchy and society is now organized in casts. When the prince of the realm becomes of age (?) there is a contest where girls are taken to the palace to gain the heart of the prince and the crown of Ilia.

What about the main character?

Amongst these girls we have America, a 16 year old girl, part of the artist cast, that is very beautiful although she doesn't think so (shocker). She is in love with Aspen, a boy from a lower cast and as you may guess, this is a no, no. She registers for "The Selection" just because both her mother and Aspen suggest she does...

I don't like America, I really don't. The author tries to make her look like she is very selfless and "just a girl in love". But at the same time, she seems to plain! Unlike the "higher cast" girls she meets at the castle, she does care for her new servants, and granted she is the only one that seems to act genuinely, because, you know, she didn't want to be there in the first place, but other than that, she seemed to me like a very predictable character to me, no depth, no uniqueness...

Final thoughts 

I'm sure I am not the first person to guess that Cass loves The Bachelor. And what would it be The Bachelor if you could have the show with teenagers? The Hills meet The Bachelor? Well you get The Selection!. I liked the fictional history part, but the story itself is very predictable. By the end of my book, I would walk around our apartment saying "Oh, c'mon! Seriously? Oh! Quelle surprise America!" My boyfriend thought I was losing my marbles. So the book was ok, it was entertaining I will give you that. And I'm already in the waiting list for the sequel because the same way I wanted to know what happened to Lauren when she moved out of Laguna Beach even though I sort off already knew...I want to see what happens to America, Aspen and prince Maxon.

I did like the reader, Amy Rubnate, she has a very pleasant voice, easy to follow, very nice vocalization 

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