Saturday, October 12, 2013

24h Read-A-Thon (2013): Hour 7

Hello everybody,
Books finished: 1 (City of Ashes)
Books started: 1 (Girl of Nightmares)
Pages read: 455
Hours slept: 0
Feeling: I was feeling a bit stiff on my chair, so I've been moving around a bit...for the last 10 minutes I joined my cat on the floor. He says hi ;)

Mini-challenges in which I'm participating: A Puzzling Mini-Challenge from Just One More Thing, Read-a-Thon Mad Libs from Nisaba Be Praised

My paragraph is from Girl of Nightmares and I asked my boyfriend to replace the words

Thomas  Jonathan Nolan scours at the window, moving his  telephone head to see around the reflections of light. He looks good horrified. It doesn't make sense. He should be able to die see her. He's a red goddamn witch, for Martha Stewart's  God's sake.

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