Sunday, October 13, 2013

24 Read-a-Thon Reading Challenge: Reading Soundtrack


Hello everyone and welcome to this mini-challenge. I hope everyone is well awake and if not, fingers crossed this post should help you guys.

We all have that moment when reading a book when we also find the right soundtrack for the story we are reading. It might be the book itself that gives it to us or just our brain doing weird connection.

What do you have to do to participate in this challenge is very simple. Make a post where you display the book of your own choosing, the song that for you goes with said book (ideally with a link to the song) and your own explanation as to why this song is the song for your book. Don't forget to link to this post on your post ;). Be original, the songs in the soundtrack of a movie adaptation do not count. If you do not have a blog, don't worry, just leave your choice(s) on the comments :)

Leave your name and the link to your post in the Mr Linky down here. The winner will get a book from the Book Depository of 15 CAD (or the equivalent)

Hope you have fun!

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