Tuesday, July 2, 2013

TSS: Mid year Re-Cap

Hello everyone, 

I'm a bit late to this post, and it won't be that original, since I think almost everyone of us did the half year re-cap, but here I am. 

I have to tell you, I'm a bit disappointed this year. Yes, I have read 30 books already of my 42 year challenge...but I haven't LOVED most of them. Don't get me wrong. I've enjoyed my reading life this year; is just that I haven't fell over heels over that many books and that makes me wonder whether I have  become more critical, or I just haven't found my sweet spot in reading yet.I cross my fingers is the latter.

On the other hand, and thanks to the book club I'm part off, I've widened my reading spectrum, and, a big plus, this year I don't have a book that I didn't like at all, thus far. That's a great thing you guys, last year, with Jersey Angel I was so frustrated!

Also I have to consider something, and that is that there are several books that I have keeping untouched, waiting for the R.I.P. Challenge this year, as well as the autumn read-a-thon. So, fingers crossed, that will tip the balance to a more "loveable" reading year. 

So far, my favorite book of the year has to be between Ready Player One and Gone Girl; both very different and both kept me reading past a decent hour. Least favorite has to be, hands down I Don't know how she does it. Not much to say on that one; I wasn't expecting a great book out of it, but even with low expectations I ended up very disappointed. 

Anyway, here is to a great rest of the year for all of us!!!

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