Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella

Why I read this book?

This was right after a huge exam and after finishing The Historian...I needed a palad cleanser and Kinsella's books are just perfect for that

What's the book about?

The Plot is not that different from earlier installments of the Shopaholic series. Becky shops a lot but this time is pregnant. Also the "problems" that surge in this book are related to her impulsiveness, albeit not necessarily related to shopping.

What was the thing I liked the most? 

Say what you want about these books, but they deliver. You want something light, sometimes funny that you would read in 2 days and won't ask much of your brain? You got it.

What about the main character?

When I read Shopaholicand Sister I was starting to get tired about the fact that Becky seems to never learn out of the things that happen to her, also because she always manages to get out of them with relatively ease. In this book I guess I settled with the fact that she won't learn how to manage money, but she does a lot of the things she does with a huge heart. At least the characters around her change their ways a little bit once in a while.

Final thoughts

This book was exactly what I needed for the moment. Why am I not giving a higher grade then? Well, it might deliver, but it is quite predictable and you have to like the series from before to actually get this "far" in the story, so I wouldn't really recommend this book, per se. As a paperback or an e-book like in my case, it makes a very nice summer read. 

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