Friday, June 21, 2013

Wool by Hugh Howey

Why did I read this book?

This book was the May selection of the Sword and Laser book club.

What's the book about?

Something happened to Earth years ago and what is left of humanity leaves now in a Silo, separated in different levels, providing everything people may need. Thinking about going outside is forbidden, although ironically enough talking about it might get you outside, into a toxic, lethal environment. Not surprisingly, rules are questioned and methods are not agreed upon. Are this rules really there to protect us or to contain us?

What was the thing I liked the most? 

I have to say, I had a bit of a trouble getting into this book, but once you pass the first section where the main characters are introduced, you start seeing the big picture of the Silo. I liked the way (for me, please keep in mind this reviews are ALWAYS according to me) the institution and more specifically the rule are criticised yet reinforced. The lives of everyone are controlled by sets of rules established long ago, rules that no one explains and very few understand. 

What about the main character?

For me the main character was Juliette. I liked her as a strong woman character. In general in this book I was fond of the fact that most of the women were doers, not waddling around waiting for things to happen. In the case of Juliette, although there are moments were I did not agree with her, she was always moving, she is resourceful and she is smart. Most of all, she cares and she wants to understand why everything is like it is in the Silo. 

Final thoughts

I like the book...but it wasn't great. Some of the things, specially the end turned out to be a bit predictable in a non exciting way. I know that Howey gives more details on how the Earth was "damaged" in the follow up of Wool...but with the explanation given I don't feel compelled to go and read it; I actually rolled my eyes a bit every time Bernard talked about the "real way humans are" Not that I do not agree, but he was too pushy with his view, too black and white, and I just don't like that. I like my characters a bit more gray. 

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