Monday, June 24, 2013

Scarlett by Marissa Meyer

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Why I read this book?

This is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles of Marissa Meyer. I really enjoyed the first one, Cinder and decided to continue with the series. It also makes part of my sequel challenge.

What's the book about?

As it was the case with Cinder, this is a re telling of a children story, in this case Little Red Riding Hood. The story follows Scarlet and Cinder in different parts of the world to finally merge towards the end. On her side, Scarlett's grandmother has gone missing and she is sure it's abduction. While trying to find her grandmother she will meet some interesting people along the way.

What was the thing I liked the most? 

Although you know how the story goes for LRRH this re telling takes a few twists that make the book interesting. I enjoyed the way the characters are written. 

What about the main character?

As you probably guessed by now the main character here is Scarlett Benoît, and she is inspired on LRRH, she even wears a red hoodie! Once again, as in Cinder, they have glimpses of the original story, but they are both very strong young women, albeit they are still teen agers and as such they will sometimes take rush decision marked by a pretty pair of eyes, if you know what I mean. In the case of Scarlett, she is also an orphan, even though her father is still alive, but he pretty much walked on her, so its her grandma who brought her up. She is a bit ill tempered, but mostly because she has had to deal with a lot.

Final thoughts

I'm really getting into this series, Meyer takes the fairy tale background, including the origin of the story (in this case France) and incorporates them into the whole tale while adding a bit of futuristic elements without pushing it into sci-fi necessarily. The characters are not dull, although sometimes is a bit predictable what their reaction will be, but never mind that, the books are very enjoyable. 

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