Sunday, March 17, 2013

TSS: You are what you read

Ok you guys, I know I did not post anything last Sunday. My PC was bugging (it would seem it would never end!) so let's say my priorities were somewhere else. But I have been reading. Proof of that I present to you not one, not two, but 4 reviews! How about that? We have Destined and Hidden for my Sequel Challenge, The Clearing from LybraryThing and Downbelow Station from the Sword and Laser Book club.

Now, I would like to talk to you about something that caught my attention this week, and maybe you've already heard of it. A group from the University of Cambridge recently published an study about how private traits might be predictable form digital records. This is very interesting in a world where our digital records are more and more common. You can try simpler version of it by going to It will basically use your Facebook likes (some of them) and try to predict some of your traits. I did it and it was (in my opinion) 60% accurate.

I'm sure you are wondering why did I wanted to share this with you since is not necessarily bookish. Well, in a way it is; you see, most of my likes are related either to music or to books and it was with those likes that I'm assuming the system used (it doesn't tell you though). The website "predicts" that I am spontaneous and flexible, although they are very clear by saying that your likes might not reflect your personality correctly and thus your score can be wrong, and this off course makes sense (when was the last time you disliked something you used to like?). You see, I am not flexible, far from that, I like my things organized, on scheduled...but then...I do read a lot of fiction and is easier to pinpoint what I don't read (self help for example) that what I do read. So I can't help by wonder which of/if my books are telling this algorithm that I'm spontaneous! I wouldn't stop liking them, but I would like to know.

So what about you? What do you think your books say about you? Have you tried the website? If not, would you?

Have a lovely week! Spring is almost here!!!! (sort off, is still snowing a lot around here)

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