Sunday, March 24, 2013

TSS: Packing books

Hello everyone,

I’m posting a bit earlier today but I have a good reason for it. You see…we are leaving on a trip later today and I want to make sure that everything is left tended. I am very exited to go, it will be my first time in Europe!! And even though the forecast announces a bit of rain, it is all in the positives, compared to the negative temperatures we are still having around here.

Anyway, I’ve been planning this trip for a month now, and I already know what I was going to pack, clothes wise that is. But I spent the last week thinking what exactly should I bring to read. You would think is an easy enough task, but as it turns out is not!

You see, we will be gone for only a week, but is a week full of long flights, long waits at the airport, trains, etc. And you have the fact that it is me we are talking about, so going without at least one book seems ludicrous to me. At the same time, since we are going for a wedding, most of our packing space is dedicated to fancy clothes, and I was told to leave some empty space in my bags since they have at least 4 books for me to bring back.

So you could think that with that my problem is solved, because I will arrive and there will be books waiting for me, right? Wrong! First of all, we won’t see the family until the third day of travelling which means a plane and a train in between, not to mention the inevitable waiting time, since they make me arrive super early to the airport to check that all my documents are in order (the perks of being a Colombian, sigh).

And then you can tell me, yeah, but you have a new e-reader, don’t you? You can “pack”  a bunch of books in that thing…true, very true, but which ones? I guess by now you have realized I am a huge over thinker to say the least.

At the same time that this was going on in my head, I happened to open my new account with OverDrive at my local library trying to get a copy of Dark Paces since I loved SharpObjects, something you probably already know with my review. Turns out they have tons of books both on EPUB versions and Audio. Now, I have never tried and audio book before since I always felt that unless I wasn’t doing anything else (quite rare in my life) I wouldn’t actually get the whole book, it would be like skimming it. But this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try, on the plane, listening to a book instead of the movie. I took out Cinder. I’ was curious about this one for a while, so two birds, one stone…well, one iPod, but never mind that.

Finally, along with my first audio book ever (I started it just to see if I liked the voice) I also got all the Beautiful Creatures books and the second and third book of Master Li and Ten Ox series.  All of them light, fun simple reads that seemed appropriate to me for vacation reading.

What about you, how do you choose what to read on a trip? Do you always pack a back-up book?

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