Sunday, February 10, 2013

TSS: It has finally happened...

...I liked the movie better than the book. Not only that, I preferred the movie to the book!

This, my friends, happened with one of my latest read Idon't know how she does it by Allison Pearson. I went to this book looking for something short and sweet. Something to change my mind. And in that sense it worked...but I did not like the book.

It was well written, it was easy to read in the sense that sentences were well constructed and carried well. But the characters!!! I wanted to slap almost every single one of them, particularly the main character, Katy. 

The character in the book is an overworked mother that convinces everyone that she can handle everything that life throws at her while at the same time complains only to herself and maybe her cabby about the fact that actually she can't. She chews the inside of the cheek not to point out that her nanny/ cleaning lady/ colleagues/ husband/ everybody really, are not really helping her at all and maybe if they all worked together they could manage. 

The character in the movie, complains, sure, and also tries to convince everybody that she can tackle life...but she TALKS. She has actual conversation with her husband, she actually stands for herself at the end and most importantly for me he says the only thing I know is that it won't be perfect, but I can't and I won't give in.

So there you have it, my first. Has it ever happened to you? Similar genre or completely different?
Have a great week!!!

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