Sunday, February 17, 2013

TSS: Direct or Makes you wonder Covers?

In case I haven't mentioned it yet. I bought myself a Kobo Touch. I did all the research and leaned towards the Nook for a while, then the Kindle and finally the Kobo caught me. Either way, this post is not about that exactly. I was browsing the Kobo Facebook  page and I saw a link for Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day. Without reading the title, or even the synopsis, I knew it was related to the 50 shades genre, and boy was I right. However, the cover in the link is not your typical erotica romance novel...or what was typical years ago. The other cover (see here) of the same book fits that typical image I always had and the "new" one I guess is supposed to disguised the true nature of the book, you know, for when you are reading it in public and you feel ashamed of it.

Except...except that nowadays this type of covers are as related to the genre are the ones with the big muscled guy with the damsel in distress!  So is not really meeting its intention, is it? This got me thinking to the only book I've ever read of the genre and how I bought it thinking it was something completely different. The culprit? The cover! I read Bliss River by Thea Devine. When I saw it at the store it was just a green book with water plants; when I read the back cover it was the story of a colony in Africa, the girl who wanted out and a guy who might be her way out...I imagined there were going to end up together, but only until I started reading and blushing profusely in the metro did I realized what this book was! I had a laugh at it, read it out loud with my boyfriend and moved on. But I always felt a bit cheated by the fact that nothing in that book's presentation indicated what I was actually buying.

Excellent marketing? Or just a well planted trap? I don't know, I've been thinking about it yesterday. What do I prefer, a cover and description that tells me "this is what you are getting" minus the spoilers off course, or do I want a "I'm intriguing, you think you might like me but maybe not" kind off presentation?. Off course, you guys are going to tell me that I can always read the reviews...but just as with the movies I try to avoid reviews that are too descriptive, not to ruin the momentum. I listen to a few podcast and when they praise a book I try to find the main idea of what the book is about to decide whether or not is for me.

But then again, if the cover of Bliss River would've been clearly an erotica novel, I would've never picked it up, and hence I would not really know that those books are not for me. Is saying that you do not like eating something but never ever trying it. How would you know?  (the key word here is like, I'm not referring to any conviction, that's none of my business) 

So? What do you guys think?

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