Sunday, July 15, 2012

TSS: Better late than never

Hello everyone!, I'm posting a bit late today, but I just got carried away with my reading :). As you may noticed I started reading The Time Traveler's Wife last week. I was reading slowly, calmly, and then today I finally got some time in my hands and well, here's what happen:

So...yeah...I kind of just realized that is almost 10pm here, which is not that late, but the day was almost over, and I remembered I wanted to post today, at least something.

Anyway, reading has been good this last week, whit everything in order, I finally managed to go back into reading, without being exhausted. I finished and reviewed Cain, I posted another discussion, and we even got sometime today to go read in the park/work a bit on my tan ;). I even found this cute image that shows part of what books are according to me. 

Right now, the moment I left my chair, someone else was interested on the book I'm reading:

 I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, the review for The Time Traveler's Wife should be up this week.


  1. happens to me all the time! I think they are wanting to be near me, but no, they just want my chair :)

    I'll be looking forward to what you thought of The Time Traveler's Wife.

    Right now I'm going to go read your review of Cain. I read it a while back too, but it didn't impact me very much.

    1. Oh he always does that, you should see him around my scientific articles. I liked The Time Traveler's. As for Cain, is definitely not my favorite from Saramago, but I liked it nonetheless.