Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Places to read

These past 2 weeks have been quite challenging at work…basically, because they are challenging my patience. I went into science knowing that not every day I would be getting results, lately it seems like I hit a closed alley in my project. Anyway, I was in a revealing room, and I had 3 minutes to wait before actually revealing and what did I do? I took my book with me. There I was reading in the room, air filled with fixer smell and a tiny machine doing noises in the back. And a thought came to mind: Is this the weirdest place I’ve found myself reading? I’m not sure!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always been an adept reader. So much that I annoyed one of my cousins, and one day she put me inside of a closet to stop me from reading (she was 10 and I was 8, so it was just a kids thing, don’t worry). It didn’t work…when she came to see me 10 minutes after, I stayed in the closet, but I was reading through the crack of the door. I remember her face almost saying, I give up. 

You see, I just can’t help it. I need to read, I’ve read under the covers, in the bathroom, in the tub, walking to the bus stop (looking up at every coma, you know safety first), in the bus (any moving vehicle really, since I do not drive them). I remember once, I was probably 14 or so, and I was reading Alexandros…while in history class. Let’s just say that the teacher didn’t appreciate that one much. I’ve read in a restaurant, either if I’m alone or while waiting for someone, not while eating (that would be rude). At parties (I’m not that social, I will admit), while waiting for my gym class to start, while in the station bike at the gym, at the line…anyway

I realize a lot of those places are not “weird” places to be reading (at least I don’t think so), but it makes me wonder if I’m the only one with this urge to be reading.


  1. No, you are not the only one. I read everywhere. Like you, I'm not that social and I feel more secure if I have a book in my bag that I can turn to, same way some people fiddle with their phones if they find themselves alone in a crowd. As for weird places I have read? Probably nowhere that unusual: bath, airport, train station, treehouse (when younger), sat on a swing (also when younger), in the kitchen while cooking...anywhere I can, really!

    1. Is always good to know you are not the only one :) Have a nice week