Saturday, May 5, 2012

Book Sales, Fairs...Fun events (for me :))

Today is not so much about a discussion, but more about sharing. 

As I mentioned in my last Sunday Salon post, the annual book sale at my city’s library started last week. I couldn’t make it on the first day, so on Sunday itself I was there one hour before they opened the doors…and there was already a line!. I told my boyfriend to make sure I would only spend 10 dollars (1 book = 1 dollar), because I didn’t want to go crazy buying every book. So I packed a bag for the books and kept thinking I was exaggerating in the amount of books I thought I would be buying, that’s until we arrived. Every single person in the line had not one, but several bags, ready to be filled with books. There were even a couple of them with grocery carts (not the ones in the supermarket, the ones you use to bring stuff back home). After that I felt like 10 books were ok. 

Last year, along with my best friend we got 17 books, between the 2 of us, but that was with any system whatsoever, just browsing and taking.

This year, besides the rule of not spending more than $10, I also wanted to get at least 2 Nobel laureates books, since I recently join Read the Nobels. This, as it turns out was harder than I thought, because even though the volunteers did their best to keep the piles of books organized, they were only separated by fiction or non-fiction and by language. 

I did manage to get my hands on Love, Again, by Doris Lessing, and The Bluest Eye (in French) by Tony Morrison. In total here is what I got for me, 9 books in total. 

Yeah, I also got Shopaholic ties the knot by Sophie Kinsella. Fiine, is not a Nobel, but I read the other 2 of the series and I wanted to finish it, and I told you guys I like to have sherbet books once in a while. I’m really happy about the books I got, particularly Her fearful symmetry, by
Audrey Niffenegger. I haven’t read The time traveler’s wife, but this book was also in my wish list and I found it without looking for it. 

I also got 2 more books (they are not for me, so technically I respected my budget), one for my best friend and one for my boyfriend, guess who got what. 

Being there I remembered fondly the International Book Fair back in my country that, coincidently, happened almost at the same time that the book sale. Oh how I loved to go there! spend the whole day, looking for new books, and going home with a little treasure in my hands. That’s the exact feeling I’ve got the 2 times I’ve been to the sale. They are not necessarily new books, but they are new for me, and I just love that. To give books a new home!. The only “problem” I have now, is that my To read in 2012 list was more or less full for the 40 books of my challenge, so now comes the hard part: Decide which ones I will actually read!. I know…life is hard.

So what about you? Do you go to this type of events often? Do you go with a tiny chariot?

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