Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Breaking the Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford

I was really disappointed with this book. I feel like BTB is really goon when it comes to writing books placed in the past, but when she tries to catch up with current times the story just looses strength. First of all, the whole M nickname…it was obvious who she was from the beginning, so I don’t see the point to keep her identity “hidden” for 3 quarters of the book. All the relationships happen in 2 pages! They all fall in love in a paragraph, sleep together immediately and suddenly they “know” they were meant to be. I am sorry, but I do not find this romantic, but just rushed. As for Birdie…why kill her husband? I mean, they were great together in past books, so what’s the point? Introduce a new rushed relationship with a nobody that just appeared for this book?. As long as JA story goes…I was happy to see him back, because I thought now the book is going to lift up again…no, once again, I was disappointed, everything is told in a paragraph, no development to what happened to Angharad, nor the daughter, the attacks are random and seemed unplanned, but then there is a sentence that says: it went according to plan…eh…what plan?. As always the description of the rooms and the clothes is really nice, and you can see BTB’s background as an interior designer, but the Harte women are supposed to be strong, well developed characters, as well as their partners. Nothing like this was true for the characters presented in this book…I would recommend stopping at Unexpected blessings for this saga if you don’t want to be utterly let down.

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