Diversifying 2015

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I have decided to hold my first ever challenge! I will call it: Diversifying 2015. My goal is to read at least one diverse author every month, but you can participate with any amount of books you want. Diversifying your reading can be applied to reading more authors from the LGBTQ commmunity, POC, people with disabilities; and it can also applied to reading more diverse characters. Anything that makes your reading more diverse!

Every month I will do a wrap up post, and I would love it if you can add on those posts your own Diverse readings of the month! That way we are all exposed to more diverse reading and get the wheels turning!

But I want to also give a tiny incentive. So here is the deal, every entry, every month will give you a registration (or point) and at the end of the year I will randomly select a lucky winner for a 20$ gift card from Book Outlet! (If the winner leaves in a country that is not covered by them we will figure something out :D)

So here is the registration form and as I said every month there will be a wrap up post. I hope you guys join me on this!!  Please feel free to copy the following image on your future diverse post and use the #Diversifying2015 tag on Twitter.

Below you can also find the links to the reviews I had posted for #Diversifying2015

How is it Diverse?
Octavia E. Butler
POC Author
Kavita Daswani
POC Author/Main Character
Teresa Rodriguez
POC Author/Main Characters
Shani Mootoo
POC Author
LGBTQ Main Character


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